Creating a digital strategy for your research

I am here to help you find a place for your research online.

Research Website

I can help you set up a research lab/group group website or websites for specific research projects.

A research website increases your visibility to potential participants and allows you to disseminate your research from a centralized location.

Knowledge Mobilization

I can help you create dissemination materials (e.g., infographics, presentations, social media calls) and create a social media plan.

Knowledge mobilization helps you share your research with target people and organizations.

Research Engagement

I can help you develop engagement strategies for peer feedback, participatory research, and community engagement.

Engagement strategies have the potential to strengthen research methods, analysis, and results, and community applications.


I can help you develop plain language blogging strategies to help share your research and process with a broader audience.

Regular sharing of your research builds your reputation as an expert, increases transparency and engagement.