Out of the Woods Tutoring Services

Tutoring Services Offered

​I offer tutoring services in university level (undergraduate and graduate) statistics courses within the social sciences (e.g., Psychology, Sociology, Education, etc.) and research methods courses. I will review your course materials and respond to your questions, while ensuring that you are able to grasp the underlying theories/rationales for using certain statistics. I will provide additional notes, suggestions, or questions, as needed.

Why Choose Out of the Woods Tutoring?

  • Knowledgeable
    • ​I have been tutoring and working in psychological/educational research for 5+ years. Please see my qualifications below.
  • Adaptable
    • ​My teaching philosphy is making statistics relevant to your learning and interests by using concrete examples.
  • Affordable
    • By the hour: $30/hour (paid at the end of each session)
    • 5 session package: $140 for 5 hours of tutoring (pre-paid)
    • 10 session package: $ 270 for 10 hours of tutoring (pre-paid)
  • Flexible

​We can meet on your schedule either on campus (Carleton University or University of Ottawa), at a library, coffee shop (within Ottawa), or online (via Skype).​


I have tutored statistics and research methods for the last 5 years independently and through university student success centers (Carleton University 2011-2012). My teaching philosophy is student-centered, whereby I attempt to make learning relevant to your interests and academic goals.

  • BA with highest honours in Psychology (2012; Carleton University)
    • Relevant course work
      • PSYC 3000: Design and Analysis in Psychological Research
      • ​PSYC 2002: Introduction to Statistics in Psychology
  • Masters in Education (2015; Brock University)
    • Relevant Course work
      • EDUC 5P92: An Introduction to Educational Research
      • ​EDUC 5P95: Qualitative Methods in Educational Research
      • PSYC 5F01: Research Methods and Data Analysis
  • PhD Candidate in Education (In progress; University of Ottawa)
    • Relevant Course Work
      • EDU8106: Epistemology & Research in Education
      • EDU5299: Program Evaluation: Methods & Practice
      • EDU6299: Program Evaluation: Theory & Contemporary Issues
      • EDU6204: Learning in Adulthood
      • EDU8190: Qualitative Research II


Cancellation fee

  • Require 24 hours notice of cancellation
  • Cancellations or no shows within 24 hours of appointments will be charged full price.​

Payment Options

  • Cash
  • e-Transfer
  • PayPal

Invoices available on request.

Out of the Woods Tutoring Services Contract

Tutoring Request

To request tutoring services, please send an email to heather@out-of-the-woods.ca